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Exciting news - We are introducing fine silver to our range.

Over the last few months i have reintroduced myself to the art of clay. This has always intrigued me and I used to use clay as part of my decoupage hobby.

Now, i have been on silver clay jewellery courses and i am loving it.

Silver clay starts as just that, it is tiny silver particles mixed with an organic binder and water to form the clay.

As it is in clay form it is easier to create a beautiful creation using many different items such as moulds, cutters, texture sheets, leaves and other woodland foliage related finds or design your own using your clay tools.

We then have to let our clay dry overnight or using an appliance, then it needs to be handled very delicately as it is very fragile and needs a lot of TLC.

Using our tools we need to achieve the look we would like using tools such as a craft knife, sanding pads, adding extra parts (gemstones etc) using water and liquid from of the clay to adhere to the piece.

this takes a lot pf time preparing our piece, before we can then fire it via a hand held blow torch waiting eagerly for the 3 stages of 'smoke', 'fire' and 'peachy glow' the clay lights up to a peachy glow which is when you know you have to continue to fire the piece for a further 3 minutes depending on the size.

using heat proof tools we remove the piece from the heat block and 'quench' in cold water. It is so satisfying hearing the fizz as the red hot item hits the cold water.

Now it is ready to put in the barrel polisher for 20 minutes.

Following this we go through different stages of polishing using different grit of sand papers going through to the finest of textures to create the remarkably shine on the finished piece.

I will be updating my site as i go along, which will include the pieces of silver clay jewellery which have been made and are ready to be introduced to their new owner.

Chat to you soon

Ange x

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