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Personalised (initial or milestone birthday) key ring with birthstone and tassel colour of your choice
These come in lots of different colours. 
Simply add your initial or milestone birthday number in the message box. 
choose your tassel colour and birthstone month from the lists below:
tassel colours
1) Deep Purple
2) Plum
3) Lilac
4) glitter pink
5) salmon pink
6) cerise pink
7) red
8) orange
9) grass green
10) forest green
11) sea green
12) baby blue
13) sea blue
14) mid blue
15 midnight blue
16) black
17) rusty brown
18) chocolate
19) coffee 
20) slate grey
21) grey shimmer
22) white
23) yellow
24) mustard 
A) January (garnet)
B) February (amethyst)
C) March (aquamarine)
D) April (clear crystal)
E) May (Emerald)
F) June (alexandrite)
G) July (Ruby)
H) August (Peridot)
I) September (Sapphire)
J) October (Tourmaline)
K) November (Citrine)
L) December (Blue zircon)

Personalised Birthstone Keyring Birthday Gift

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